How to Protect Yourself Against Possible Radioactivity from the Fukushima Reactors

by Ron & Lisa Beres on March 28, 2011 · 2 comments

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Guest blogger, Oram Miller, BBEI, is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Inspector in Southern California.

One of the most potentially catastrophic environmental health threats to the world’s population is the ongoing nuclear reactor crisis in Japan. While news reports tend to paint the health risks as isolated to the immediate area around the Fukushima plant, a growing body of evidence is indicating that there may be more of an impact on those in the US and elsewhere than we think.

News reports March 27, 2011 tell us that levels of radioactivity are so high in the reactor buildings that workers cannot get in safely to find and fix a leak of highly radioactive water. Levels of radioactivity have “soared” in recent days. There is “too much heat” for officials to consider entombing the reactor cores at this time in sand and cement, as was done at Chernobyl.

Japanese officials have now increased the evacuation zone around the damaged reactor site. They admit it could take months or even years to clean up this disaster.

It is helpful to note that uranium and plutonium (the most poisonous substance known to humankind) are both heavy enough to precipitate before reaching the US coast. Also, airborne iodine-131 has a half-life of only seven to eight days, yet it takes fallout ten days to reach the US from Japan. Nevertheless, trace amounts of radioactive iodine have been detected in rainwater in California, Washington, Massachusetts and other states. Radioactivity is being measured as far east as Iceland and Europe.

We also have to be concerned about Cesium-137 and other potential isotopes because they have a much longer half-life (years). Cesium-137, which mimics sodium, is taken up by cells throughout the body and can cause cancers in bone and elsewhere.

Gas maskThere are several websites that show up-to-the-minute readings of radiation levels. The first is the EPA with live radiation measurements from monitoring stations throughout the country.

The second is Radiation Network, a group of grass-roots monitoring stations throughout the country using personal Geiger counters. They consider a total “Count per Minute,” or CPM, measurement of over 100 to be of concern. As of this writing, levels are below 100 CPM at all monitoring stations throughout the USA.

Enviroreporter links to a Ustream live webcam of a reporter’s personal Geiger counter, which takes continuous outdoor and indoor readings at his home in West Los Angeles. Readings are also given in CPM and have shown a normal background level of 40-45 CPM since the crisis began.

Experts say that these “minuscule” levels of radiation recorded outside Japan are a tribute to the sensitivity of our measuring instruments and do not represent a threat to human health.

Others say we are being exposed to radioactive “nano particles” of radioactivity that travel around the globe on wind currents that are not detectable by conventional radioactivity monitors. These nano particles are small enough to enter cells causing toxicity and inflammation at the molecular level for years.  Entry occurs through air, water and ingested food.

Some alternative health care practitioners advise everyone, not just the sensitive or ill, to begin prophylactic steps to protect yourself and your family from this health threat. Specific recommendations from several practitioners are posted on my website, Create Healthy Homes.

Therapies include prophylactic use of Lugol’s iodine solution, detoxifying baths, alkalinizing and herbalized drinks, and ingestion of protective herbs, minerals and probiotics.  Health experts also say eat a diet that keeps your body alkaline and avoid foods that make you acidic: white sugar, white flour, carbonation (soft drinks) and excessive amounts of red meat.

Oram Miller, BBEI, is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Inspector. He provides EMF (electromagnetic field) evaluations for homes and offices locally in Southern California and nationwide over the telephone. You can contact Oram at 310.720.7686 or

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Jennifer at Organic Baby University March 28, 2011 at 4:55 pm

It’s nice to have a blog that actually addresses the concerns that people are having (particularly us Californians) rather than just saying “everything’s fine”. I have an 11 month old and am in early pregnancy which makes all of us at higher risk for these radioactive particles. I am not a fan of the “low dose” theory where all is well if it is just a little bit. However, I do not think there is a reason to panic at this point either. I just think the failure to address the real concern about what could happen if there is a complete meltdown or higher levels reaching our area is frustrating. I want to know everything I can to protect myself and my growing family. It is even more difficult for me as there are so many things that are not safe during pregnancy such as detoxes. I would love to have more info for what pregnant women and children should do….thanks for the blog!


Lisa & Ron March 28, 2011 at 5:38 pm

Hello Jennifer,
Thank you for your feedback to this very important topic (our gratitude to you Oram)! Also, congratulations on your pregnancy :) We agree completely with you on the concern of toxic substance exposure even in minute quantities. At what point do some of these ‘small amounts’ adversely effect our health? We have seen time and again regulating agencies lowering the safe levels of a substance years after humans have believed it to be safe. Therefore, preventative action is what we always advise and adherance to the precautionary principle when in doubt. In addition to physician advice on Oram’s website, a wonderful local physician, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy of the Center for New Medicine in Irvine, CA has some preventative advice which includes:

“Radiation exposure in the United States remains low but we should be prepared. One of the effects of radiation is the damage it causes to the immune system, thyroid, and overall radiation toxicity.
I have the following recommendations on how you can protect yourself from harmful chemical agents and radiation:

Lugols iodine solution – First day, 2 ½ droppers full of the solution to be painted on lower legs.
Follow up with ½ tsp. a day.
Since the iodine is applied on your skin for better absorption, you may notice some color change. This is completely normal and temporary.
Detox with zeO One (zeolite) liquid daily – 10 drops 2 times a day
Or ZEO-TOX – 10 spray 2 times a day
Probiotic supplement – 1 at night

Additional recommendations:
Boron tablets 3mg – 2 times a day
Oral iodine (potassium iodide) – Ingest high dosages during the fall out. Dosage for iodine is a little challenging. Please follow CNC and FDA dosage recommendations.
Get Selenium to balance iodine.
Particles tend to take a ride on dust. Buy some air purifiers for your home.
Stock up on antioxidants, Raw Cocoa, Turmeric, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and R-Lipoic Acid.
Buy food you can cook at home to survive for a long period of time. For example:
Brown rice and beans.
Buy vegetables like purple cabbage that can last long in the fridge.
You can buy dairy products but do not buy them after the fallout of particles.
Stay indoors.
The possibilities of radiation toxicity are still very low. Be prepared and proactive. Don’t Panic!”

Perhaps Oram or our readers have some additional information to share regarding pregnancy and child specific protocol.

Stay tuned for more and most importantly – stay calm :)


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