Soyummi Organic, Dairy and Gluten-Free Pudding Review and Coupon

by Guest Blogger on December 22, 2011 · 1 comment


By guest blogger,
 Chris Bird of

As a mom, I do my best to keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand for my little picky-eater and four-year-old daughter. I’m always looking for snacks that mimic the not-so-healthy snacks I grew up on, but without all the artificial ingredients, trans fats and preservatives. So, when I saw there was a healthy, organic pudding on the market, I was immediately intrigued.

My family was given the opportunity to taste-test Soyummi puddings and the results were mixed. Soyummi makes vegan, non-dairy, gluten-free puddings, currently available in five different flavors at select stores across America and Canada.

The look and consistency of Soyummi pudding is just like any ordinary dairy pudding, but that is where the similarities ended for my husband and I, who don’t normally eat non-dairy, gluten-free products. On the other hand, my four-year-old daughter gobbled hers’ up without complaint. After a lifetime of Snack Pack and Jell-O pudding, perhaps our adult palettes were just a bit more difficult to satisfy. But, I was glad to see that my daughter could enjoy the product with all of its’ nutritional benefits.

For the child with Celiac’s or food allergies, Soyummi could be just as welcome a treat in their lunchboxes as Snack Pack is for other kids in theirs.’ Now they can enjoy a dessert that looks just like what everyone else is eating – but is actually a healthy alternative.

I’d call that a win-win for parents and kids.

Want to try Soyummi for yourself? For a limited time, get 50¢ off your purchase of Soyummi pudding at any participating retail location in the U.S. with this exclusive coupon. Complete the form and Soyummi will mail you your coupon good until August 31, 2012. Limited to one per household. This offer expires January 5th, 2011, 11:59 p.m. EST.


Guest blogger, Chris Bird lives in Denver, CO, where green living is everyday living. A Denver transplant, she says she’s becoming greener through osmosis. Or, would that be photosynthesis? Chris blogs about navigating life as a pilot’s wife and misadventurous mom at

Disclosure: Neither I nor Ron and Lisa were compensated for this post other than with samples of Soyummi pudding for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own and were not influenced by Soyummi.


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Dianne January 29, 2012 at 8:40 pm

Please research soy and the impact it has as a hormone in the body. I am celiac and a cancer survivor. My cancer is hormone positive. I am allergic to soy, but even if that were not the case, I was told to avoid soy as it acts like a hormone within the body, increasing the risk of breast cancer. My grandchildren have breast cancer on both sides of their family. They need to avoid soy. Both boys and girls can get breast cancer. It especially is important to be informed and cautious when little bodies are involved.


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