Two Faced: The Skinny + Sinful Sides to Your Favorite Restaurant Salads!

by Ron & Lisa Beres on April 16, 2013 · 0 comments

restaurant salads

Let’s face it – eating out is fun! It’s hassle-free (usually), delicious and nutritious. WHOOOA {insert record scratch sound here}! Not so fast slick Willy. Summer is on the horizon and that means bathing suits, bikinis and (hopefully not too many) Speedo’s. If you are ordering a salad each time you dine out with the false impression that you are making the most sensible choice for your waistline, it’s time you come to your senses. These bountiful bowls of beautiful colored greens can be downright sinful. Calorie-laden salad dressing, chubby cheeses and mystery meats can be posing as your new summer BFF! But don’t be fooled. Check out this Salad Smackdown guide to get the skinny on your favorite restaurant’s salad carbs, calories, fat and summer’s #1 frenemy….sodium!

FabFitFun Restaurant Salad Smackdown


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