2013: A {Healthy} Plan for Progress, Not Perfection!

by Ron & Lisa Beres on January 2, 2013 · 0 comments

Ron and I hope you experienced a joyous and peaceful holiday and savored some well-deserved rest, time spent with loved ones and a merited mental (and/or cyber) break.  Ahh, the holidays always seem to depart too fast as the pressure of New Year’s goals wrapped in glittery bows of guilt loom just around the corner.

On a recent trip to our local gym we observed the typical increase in members that we have come to expect at the start of a new year. We both noticed that this new-attendee enthusiasm tapers off almost as quickly as the second calendar month rolls around as many peeps revert back to their old, comfortable habits and routines. This, in conjunction with the plethora of weight loss advertisements that seem to appear like clockwork each January, got us thinking about how, as a society, we need to understand that lasting and positive change comes from a shift in the mindset; not the calendar date.

Our hope for you this year is that we act as your dream team coaches to help empower you to live your best life with a full commitment to change.  In 2001, when I became sick from toxins in my newly remodeled home, I realized that in order to change my health, I needed to eliminate the source of the problem.  It was a complete mind, body and spirit overhaul because you can’t have true health if these three are not in alignment.  Hence, losing 10 or 15 pounds and surrounding yourself in a cesspool of toxins at home or work, isn’t going to solve your problems.  If you don’t feel good physically, you won’t mentally.  Not to mention, many of the chemical toxins found in our homes and personal care products are linked to obesity, thyroid issues and other endocrine system disruption.


So, we begin a {guiltless} plan…today!  As you may or may not be aware, we have created a bundle of tools to assist you and we’ll continue to each week to get you on track and keep you there.  Please take the time to access the resources that are available FREE to you.  Browse below and find one of the 7 steps that most resonates with you.  Take one.  Take two.  Whatever feels right – just do it from a place of empowerment and plan for progress:

1.)    Our blog archives.  View the box in the left sidebar titled BROWSE.  Then, select the dropdown menu to read over 200 past articles on your favorite topics including: Indoor Air Quality, Water, Furniture & Finishes, Healthy Bedroom, Healthy Baby, Healthy Food, Non-Toxic Pest Control and so much more!

2.)    Visit our YouTube channel at www.YouTube.com/HealthyHomeDreamTeam to view over 40 videos including healthy home how-to’s!

3.)    Sign up for our FREE weekly newsletter, The Healthy Home Dream Team here: http://greennest.namasteinteractive.com/light/subscribe.htm

4.)    Pick up {or gift} a copy of our book, Just GREEN It! Simple Swaps to Save the Planet & Your Health.  Learn more at www.JustGreenIt.net

5.)    Visit our online store for healthy home books, audio Cd’s and our Home Detox Green Toolbox home testing kit at: www.TheHealthyHomeDreamTeam.com

6.)    Visit our Resources & Links section to find healthy home goods for your home.

7.)    Get inspired!  Visit our Pinterest boards at www.Pinterest.com/RonandLisaBeres

Whichever step above you take today, be sure to take it mindfully.  This is not a race to perfection.  A healthy home and toxic-free life takes time and with focus, your plan will lead to progress and growth.  We are here with you…every baby step, mistake and set back along the way!

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