A Day in the Life of Lisa: Discover My Daily Green Product Routine!

by Ron & Lisa Beres on July 25, 2013 · 12 comments

A Day in the Life of Lisa: Discover My Daily Green Product Routine!

Per a request from readers who have repeatedly asked what products I use throughout my daily regimen, I thought it would be fun to have you (our friends, fans and neighbors) join me for a typical day as I channel my inner-Mr. Rogers.  I’ll point out each product I use and approve (don’t worry, no shoe tying or sweater changes here). A shocking Environmental Working Group report revealed that women use 12 cosmetic products with 168 unique ingredients each day (men use 6 products with an average of 85 ingredients)! Since one size doesn’t fit all, I’ll include a few alternatives that I love (even if I didn’t use it on this particular day, per say). So here we goze:


Upon waking, I do what most peeps do – brush my pearly whites.  My recent toothpaste of choice was Trader Joe’s Antiplaque Toothpaste with Fennel, Propolis & Myrrh ($5.99). Why?  I like what it doesn’t contain: no fluoride, no artificial sweeteners, no sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) or propylene glycol. And, it uses xylitol to aid in the fight against plaque buildup. Ohhhh, I love black licorice, so this flavor was my pref over the peppermint, but I recently discovered this brand contains contain carrageenan (exposure to carrageenan causes gastrointestinal inflammation, ulcerations, lesions and even colon cancer in laboratory animals). Turns out Tom’s of Maine ($5.99) contains this also.  Since we adhere to the precautionary principle, we advise avoiding this as does the Cornucopia Institute based on numerous scientific studies. If you still choose the Tom’s brand, we advise only the SLS + fluoride-free versions.  For those who love DIY recipes, you could make the healthiest version for a fraction of the cost!  Here is a simple recipe!  For the rest of us busy folks, my new fave, Nature’s Gate ($5.69) is well, great.  Or, for a clay-based, try Earthpaste. Neem is good too, but read the ingredients label for each brand and be sure you are not getting ‘neem-washed’ with other sneaky additives in the mix. For mouthwash, I prefer the Healthy Mouth® Tartar Control Cinnamon Clove Mouthwash by Jason® which contains zero alcohol or saccharin.  It uses tea tree oil – an antimicrobial and antiseptic agent – to defend against sugar acids and acid forming bacteria.


I exfoliate with Arcona Golden Grain Gommage every other day.  This stuff is amazeballs with a blend of fruit enzymes and pollutant-binding volcanic minerals. It brightens, clarifies and soothes the skin with essential fatty acids, oatmeal and lemon extracts – pure yumminess ($44.00).

Alternatively, I use a mild cleanser which is currently BeautyMark Organics Tangerine + Lime made with organic anti-aging ingredients (not that any of us need that…wink, wink). It’s great for sensitive + dehydrated skin, as well as for removing make-up. Or, the Orange Face and Body Cleanser which has a boost of vitamin C to protect against UV rays, skin damage and the joys of aging ($32.00ea.). *Bonus for new moms – the pure tangerine essential oil is known to reduce stretch marks and fluid retention (nice)! NOTE: You can enter to win some via our awesome giveaway going on right now!

I apply Youth Serum by Arcona ($87.00), a powerful anti-aging serum (is it just me – or is there a theme here?) that utilizes resveratrol and grape seed extracts to defend against aging free radicals, firm and tone skin.  This is followed by the Dessert Mist from Arcona to protect against pollution, weather, free radicals and environmental damage while reinforcing daily hydration ($35.00). I am addicted to this smell.  The last application is my all time favorite moisturizer by Arcona called Magic White Ice (truly magic in a bottle).  It goes on so thin and living in a warm climate like southern California makes it the perfect choice – no greasy build up or heavy feeling ($38.00).  Before you invest too much, I recommend starting with one of their travel kits.  They retail for $87.00 and have everything you need to get started based on your specific skin type! You can get these from our friends at Evolue in Beverly Hills, CA or online HERE (and tell Jean we sent you)! Lastly, before you hit a party, event or a night on the town, you’ll wanna have this Insta-Results face lift gel from PUR attitude.  It instantly gives you that firm, tightened feeling and can be used under or over makeup; a safe and natural alternative to botulinum toxin and collagen injections.


On days I hit the gym in the a.m. prior to showering, I’ll use some of my favorite deodorant (not to be confused with antiperspirant which is a big no-no). Currently I use the Clean & Fresh Organic Deodorant in Pure Unscented by Nourish Organic ($7.99). It comes in other scents too such as Fresh Fig, Wild Berries, Spiced Citrus and Almond Vanilla (who’s getting hungry for breakfast?)  Plus, this brand has earned every accolade and certification known to {green} man!  In fact, they are the first 100% USDA certified organic bath and body line (earned back in 2003 no less)!  I know all too well how challenging (and costly) this can be for manufacturers, so huge thumbs up to these guys!  All of their products are chemical-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and mostly vegan, too.  My other deodorant faves include Erbaviva Lemon Sage or Jasmine Grapefruit Organic Deodorant (spray).  They come in regular or travel size ($6.50) which is perfect for your purse or gym bag or Ava Anderson Non-Toxic stick deodorant ($25.95/pair). Or, for you crafters, here’s a healthy, homemade deodorant recipe.

Lisa's day products 600w


After my workout, I hit the shower.  For my hair (but, not daily), I currently use Ology Moisturizing & Revitalizing Shampoo White Pear & Cucumber ($5.99). It’s sulfate and paraben free and contains no silicones, artificial fragrances or phthalates. For conditioner, I use EcoStore USA’s Cucumber Conditioner ($6.50). It is sulfate free, paraben free, 1,4 dioxane free and contains no artificial dyes or fragrances. Next it’s time to scrub-a-dub.  I love right now the Nourish Organics Moisturizing Cream Organic Body Wash ($9.99) in Fresh Fig. I already told you how great they are above. To shave those annoying stubbles, I use Trader Joe’s Honey Mango Cream Shave ($3.49).  If you don’t currently use a cream for shaving, it takes a little getting use to (but so worth it).  This one is paraben free, cruelty free and vegetarian.  Now that I smell like a bountiful basket of fruits and vegetables, I really don’t need perfume or scented deodorant!  But, when I’m heading out for a meeting or date night with the hubs, my one and only perfume of choice is the AvaScents by Ava Anderson Non-Toxic ($18.95).  My absolute fave scents are HOPE and JOY (after all, I really do like to wear my emotions on my sleeve)! These made with 100% essential oils and I love the fact that they are roll ons so you can carry in your purse wherever you go!

Phew, I didn’t realize how many products I use ‘till writing this post – and we haven’t even gotten to my makeup, sunscreen or bedtime routine!  So, this is clearly going to require a Part 2 which I’m thrilled to share with you. Plus, I’m gonna reveal a bonus: something I always get asked.  You’ll discover my #1 choice for hair color in Part 3 (yep, cat’s outta the bag)!  I do color…but, with a conscience!  In the meantime, let us know your favorite product(s) below.  New products emerge and existing products evolve daily, so bookmark this as a reference to return to and contribute to.  We can’t include every brand in this post – that would require an entire book (oh, right…we did that already in Just GREEN It! Simple Swaps to Save the Planet + Your Health). Remember, we are all on our own journey towards health and we each have different sensitivities and preferences, so please be respectful of all opinions. There’s only one person in the (whole) world that’s like you, and that’s you. ~Mister Rogers

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Linda July 26, 2013 at 12:19 pm

I LOVE Auromere, also liquorishy :) AND my teeth are already 2 shades whiter since beginning use 1 tube ago! I also love the Nature’s Gate products. I use their shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner with great results. Love the blog, thank you!


Ron & Lisa July 26, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Awesome Linda! Thanks for sharing. I’m so gonna steal that word “liquorishy.” We’ll check out Auromere and thanks for dropping by.


Alicia October 21, 2013 at 11:09 am

Liza, any hair spray not heavy and natural….once in a while I use it….thanks for all your tips:)


Ron & Lisa October 28, 2013 at 10:34 am

Hi Alicia~
Yes, I suggest the brand I use and prefer, Arcona Essential Nutrients Hair Finish Holding Spray, in Part II of this series which you can read here: http://ronandlisa.com/2013/08/15/day-life-lisa-green-product-routine-part-ii/
It’s a bit pricey, but if you don’t use that often, it is great to have on hand for special occasions!
Or, you can make your own! I stumbled across this great recipe which looks fairly simple (and affordable) to make: http://wellnessmama.com/11624/natural-hairspray-recipe/
I hope this helps :)


Alicia November 1, 2013 at 2:16 am

Thanks Lisa, you have not idea how much we appreciate you…


Ron & Lisa November 1, 2013 at 10:10 am

You made my day Alicia :) Thanks for your generous comment + have a great {green} day!


Alicia December 18, 2013 at 7:35 am

Lisa, I got the shampo, and love it, also the hair spray.. And other creams from Arcona,. They smells so good and I can see my skin getting a glow……still looking for a moisturizer for mature skin,…don’t care about rinkles but I need firming and toning ….. Now let’s face it you are young and beautiful!!” and firming or toning is not for you, but Im 64 years young…..I can’t use the same moisturizer than younger girls need. I just started coloring my hair as the kids didn’t like all those patches of white,-I just didn’t care… The arcona shampo is amazing but I need a Good condition for mature, colored hair…..one good thing about coloring my hair,… I went to a place where no bleaching is use,… just color and the highlighs were from the same color but two shade lighter…. Looks so natural it’s me!!!, Husband love it and all the tennis friends. worth every penny (dint tell the husband how much you don’t have to tell everything )and the 50 miles I drove….another thing I found out at the salon…..if you suffer from any thyroid disfuncrion you should never put bleach in your hair”…….the girl who did my hair has thyroid troubles and also myself……it’s true you can learn so much at beauty salons!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Ron & Lisa December 23, 2013 at 1:33 pm

Wonderful – thanks for sharing!! And yes…you are 64 years YOUNG indeed :) Love your attitude and how you embrace your natural beauty (as we all should). I think a great moisturizer for you might be the Energizing Oxygen Serum from PUR attitude: http://www.purattitude.com/energizing-oxygen-serum.html It regenerates and hydrates and the entire line is paraben + carcinogen-FREE! The Fountain of Youth serum is also one of my favorites! Hope this helps and thanks so much for your feedback. Happy + healthy holidays to you & yours!


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