Home, Toxic Home!

by Ron & Lisa Beres on March 19, 2013 · 2 comments

Home, safe home is clearly the goal – albeit, a challenging one.  The majority of homes today are loaded with hundreds of toxic chemicals linked to a variety of illnesses including: respiratory issues, hormonal imbalances, neurological issues, developmental problems, birth defects, liver damage and even cancer.  Here at The Healthy Home Dream Team®, we take the health of you + your family very seriously.  This is why we offer information and tools to assist you in reducing your toxic load and body burden while helping you breathe easier.  Keep in mind that every action you take is progress towards a healthier and happier…YOU!  Below is a great guide to assist you in reducing some common contaminants found in almost every home today including: Fire retardants, PFC’s, dioxins, PCB’s, pesticides, BPA, phthalates and metals (just to name a few…phew)!  Each day, take one baby step to improve the health of your home and inch by inch…it’ll be a cinch!

home-toxic-home_2Source: Fixr asbestos tile removal


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