FEELING STUCK? 3 Simple Ways to Cleanse the Energy at Home

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By guest blogger, Carol Cannon

FEELING STUCK? 3 Simple Ways to Cleanse the Energy at Home

Have you ever felt that life was filled with too many obstacles?  Every day we, or others who visit us, create ‘invisible energy.’  This energy may take on a negative tone, however, there are many methods that you can incorporate to clear the air.

How is Negative Energy Created?

  1. It can arrive in the form of clutter – the hoarder syndrome; too many things in your environment.
  2. It can arrive via an argument or a visit by someone who doesn’t add positive vibes to your life.
  3. It can accumulate in your own ‘aura,’ through your experiences in life.  Negative energy likes to attach itself to unsuspecting people.

If you suspect this is happening to you, here’s a test: Think of a time when you entered a room where people were previously having an argument.  Immediately, you felt something was wrong.  Now, go outside for a walk in nature and put your alert system on when you return. Open all of your senses.  Does something feel wrong?  You may be the victim of stuck energy!

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Clear the Air & Open Up a New Life Path:

  1. Look around, and notice if you have piles of papers, or clutter in the room.  Find the 3 most annoying places – and choose one to begin with.  Dedicate 1 hour per day, for 3 days in a row to each area.  If you haven’t used it in 1 year, don’t love it, or received it from someone you don’t like – throw it out, donate it, or give it away!  After 9 days, choose three more areas, and repeat this cleansing process!
  2. Native Americans have a practice of using dried, White Sage (see image above).  They used this for clearing negative energy (aka: smudging), and you can, too!  Find a small fireproof bowl and light some sage.  Allow it to smolder, and begin your house clearing ceremony.  With windows and doors closed, start at the front door, moving the sage bowl in a clockwise pattern around each room in your home.  You are ‘clearing’ negative energy as you go.  Focus on corners in each room, as this is where dark energy likes to collect. Clear each level of the home, and finish at the front door.
  3. After you finish your home, step outside, and clear yourself!  Start at the top of the front of your body, move downward and outward to your hands and feet. Then move the bowl around to the back of your legs, up your body, and above your head.  End with the sage at the front of your heart area.  Let the sage burn until disintegrated, and bury the remains outside.  You will feel much lighter in your space!

Congratulations!  You are ready to begin a new life path.  Please leave your comments below and let us know if you have benefited from these processes – or – have some sage advice of your own to share.

Guest blogger, Carol Cannon, a graduate of the New York School of Feng Shui has been a Feng Shui Practitioner since 1993. Visit her website HERE>>

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