Clutter-Clear Your Way to More Energy!

by Guest Blogger on October 13, 2011 · 5 comments

Clutter-Clear Your Way to More Energy

Clutter-clearing. It’s not rocket science and virtually anybody can learn to implement it. What then, do we find so fascinating about clearing away our piles of unwanted and unnecessary stuff? For starters, clutter-clearing is a great antidote to sleepiness and fatigue. Second, it is a simple, guilt-free exercise that literally lifts weight off you; making space for what really matters in life. It can be thought of as a spiritual practice since the mere act of clearing clutter invites the flow of more energy into your life.

Do you currently have a wish list of all the things that you both value and aspire to achieve? I would like to share a personal experience with you. Four weeks ago, I bought several magazines and placed them next to my desk on the floor. Just two days ago, I received yet another magazine in the mail. It was at this moment that I consciously realized that I still had not finished reading the magazines that I had previously purchased. Over the past four weeks, every time I sat at my desk, I passed the pile of magazines. And, with each pass, as I glanced at the pile, I could hear my inner voice nagging me with the thought, I should finish reading those magazines. I probably walked passed the pile close to 300 times!

What occurred every time I had the thought, I should? I instantly felt burdened, less motivated and a little guilty. My energy levels dropped. This is exactly how it feels to be surrounded by clutter. We become attached to the things around us whether we use them or not. I realized, of course, that most of the magazines were no longer useful to me; they were outdated and now merely clutter. I was still referring to them in terms of my magazines. I became acutely aware of these two days ago and began sorting them out immediately by consciously clutter-clearing and letting go off what no longer served me. Here is a rundown of the steps I took with each magazine:

a.) The Oprah Magazine. October issue Read the most relevant article Recycled
b.) Storage. Fall/Winter Pull out relevant article Recycled
c.) Real Simple. September issue Finished browsing Recycled
d.) Reno Magazine. July issue Event schedule outdated Recycled
e.) IKEA. 2011 catalog In search for new book shelves Kept

I made a decision to keep what was most relevant to me – the IKEA catalog and the Storage article. I then picked these up off the floor and placed them where they were most visible. I was now able to let go and clutter-clear the remaining items by carrying them to my recycling bin. Upon returning to my desk, I was no longer feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of I should and hence, was relieved. The entire exercise took me under 5 minutes. Yes, I will admit, we are talking about a very small area of less than 2 by 3 feet, however, it is good to start small and feel the refreshing effects clutter clearing instantly brings.

If I have sparked your interest by now, here is a 5 Step Personal Clutter Clearing Recipe for you:

1.     Write your wish list: What is it that you would like to make space for?

2.     Identify your clutter: As described above, clutter can evoke a sense of guilt. You don’t need to be an expert to identify the problem areas in your home. Walk through your home and see if you catch yourself looking at items thinking, I should.

3.     Get going: Ideally, you should instantly address areas of concern. Small, do-able projects are best to start with. I recommend you complete each task before you embark on any new areas. Make it work for you by using the time you have; even if it is only 5 minutes here and there.

4.     Finish it: You will be surprised at the speed with which you are able to finish your task and how refreshed you feel by seeing it accomplished. By letting go of whatever you are going to clear – be it recycling, donating, selling, or disposing of – you disconnect the energetic attachment to it. Remove clutter off your premises and the guilty I should feelings will go with it as well.

5.     Reward yourself: Reward yourself for a job well done!

On a personal note, as soon as I had clutter-cleared the magazines, I received an email from a client asking if I could space clear her home once her renovations are complete. It feels so rewarding to make space for new things to enter. Enjoy clutter-clearing and I wish you many happy surprises!

Guest blogger, Annette Kurtz is a professional space-clearing and clutter-clearing practitioner personally trained by international bestselling author Karen Kingston. Annette has worked and lived in Singapore and Tokyo for over ten years. Based on her own experiences, she knows what it takes to create an energetically sound and supportive living/work space in urban environments for people with busy lifestyles.

Annette has recently moved to California and offers clutter clearing and space clearing consultations for individuals as well as businesses. If you are interested in a consultation for your home or office, you can contact Annette at


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Anastasia @ Eco-Babyz October 27, 2011 at 2:39 pm

If only I wasn’t almost 9 months pregnant, this clutter clearing would be a lot easier!


Ron & Lisa October 27, 2011 at 4:35 pm

Oh boy! That does sound a little challenging as you have more important things on your mind right now. When you are settled and in a routine, starting with few ‘baby’ steps (pun intended) will no doubt make it easier on both yourself and your bundle of joy in the long run! Congrats to you :)


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