Green with Envy? Time to Iron out Those Wrinkles!

by Ron & Lisa Beres on June 21, 2012 · 3 comments

We all want to look good.  Period.  Even with egos checked at the door, there is something about seeing a person confidently enter a room – dressed to impress, perfectly groomed and not a care (or, wrinkle) in site.  But, instead of letting your green-eyed monster rear its ugly head, why not raise your own appearance bar? Looking your best doesn’t have to mean buying an entire new wardrobe, rather, making the clothes you do have, work for you. This brings me to a hot topic in the green movement – non-toxic methods for cleaning and laundering our clothes.  In previous posts, we discussed Deadly Chemicals in Your Dry Cleaning? including suggestions for healthier alternatives.  We’ve Aired Out Your Dirty Laundry by uncovering the chemicals lurking in your trusted products, and even Dished on Laundry by Revealing Your Dirty Secrets by revealing the ultimate blacklist of brands to avoid; those found to contain the carcinogen, 1,4-dioxane.

So, now that you’ve cleaned up your laundering act, you may still have discovered a wrinkle in your quest for a perfectly pressed presence.  If you have opted to save money and assure that no chemicals whatsoever were used in the cleaning of your duds, then most likely you’ve opted for suds.  Many garments that are labeled “Dry Clean Only” actually turn out great by hand washing them. Simply fill a sink with cool water. Use a mild dishwashing soap. Soak item for 10 minutes. Next, gently press out the water. Finally, place on a towel to dry. But, what about the wrinkles?  As we all know, much of what gets taken to the dry cleaner is actually more wrinkled than it is dirty. With the right iron and some technique, it’s easy to iron quickly and effectively. For best results, we advise looking for an iron that give off tons of steam which will cut you’re ironing time down dramatically.

However, not all irons are created equal and we’ve all, at one time or another, had an iron catastrophe with leaky water; a drip on your silk blouse; or even a bottom that sticks to fabric.  Alas, the green light at the end of the tunnel does exist and it comes in a sleek, black exterior packaged in a modern shape with green details –minus the green washing.  This iron, the Eco Intelligence by ROWENTA®, really is green.  It is North America’s First Energy Efficient Iron!  Made by the peeps who know steaming best, ROWENTA® the leading manufacturer of high-performance steam irons and{I can attest to fabulous} garment steamers, have just raised the eco-bar.  The Eco Intelligence® is a unique concept in that it’s a steam iron that combines both ironing efficiency and energy savings.  It’s so efficient that it operates at 100% efficiency while providing users with 25% energy savings.  More savings in your pocket equals less chance to complain about your green laundry detergent purchases.

As a south paw myself, I was pleased to see a manufacturer take this into consideration when designing a product via the ergonomic rotary trigger for both left and right-handed users.  There are three different settings for the steam, including:

  • Dry position for perfect finish;
  • Eco position for delivering optimal steam output while saving energy;
  • Boost position for additional variable steam for ultra thick fabrics and stubborn creases.

With a power-punching 1700 watts of power, the Eco Intelligence® offers fast, powerful heat-up and superior bursts of steam for thick fabrics or – Ron’s & my personal favorite – vertical steaming.  It basically turns into a hand-held steamer right at your fingertips.  As a past interior designer, I always appreciate high quality design.  This iron, includes the innovative craftsmanship that you find in German products; oh right, this is manufactured in Germany so no coincidence that it offers a stunning stainless steel 3D soleplate for ultimate scratch resistance.   As someone always on the go, I had peace of mind knowing it had an auto shutoff feature too! After testing this out ourselves, we give the Eco Intelligence by ROWENTA® big green-thumbs-up in terms of performance, eco efficiency, design and ease of use.  It retails for $150.00, but you’ll be earning your green back from eliminating those unnecessary trips to the dry cleaner in no time!

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Maureen G September 4, 2013 at 1:36 pm

My current iron has scratches so I have to watch the fabrics that I iron so they won’t get snagged. This iron might turn me into a Pro!


Ron & Lisa Beres September 6, 2013 at 2:30 pm

We can attest to this! It really is a top notch iron and will not disappoint. It makes ironing (and steaming) fast and so much easier than other irons out there!


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