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The Incredible Shrinking House: How Small Can You Go?

The Incredible Shrinking House How Small Can You Go?

Photo by Niv Rozenberg on Unsplash The tiny house movement is booming. For some people, bigger is better and for a growing number of the population, smaller is certainly smarter. We’ve discussed container homes here on this site and I’ve written Small Living, Big Savings: Eco-Friendly Tiny Homes You’ll Love. With an increasing demand for housing in urban areas, developers […]

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What Your Home’s Colors Say About You

What Your Home Colors Say About You

Color is immensely powerful in many respects; it can be hugely emotive, evoking memories and feelings in people. Hence, it’s important to think carefully when selecting the colors for your home. This is of course easier said than done given the vast amount of color choices available in terms of wall and house paints, carpets, rugs, furniture and accessories. If […]

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The Refresh Your Outdoor Space Sweepstakes

When we think of lush, green lawns boasting beautiful curb appeal, many eco-activists cringe at the idea of drought intolerant grass, wasting precious resources and high maintenance. But, what if we told you that a gorgeously green lawn could be yours, without the need for chemicals and pesticides and with very little water and mowing. Sorry Kermit, but being green […]

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The Sweet Dreams Sweepstakes

The Sweet Dreams Sweepstakes!

Struggling with Your Sleep? If so, you’re not alone. You’ve heard of adjustable beds, but what about adjustable pillows? After all, we’re all uniquely designed with specific needs and desires for comfort. If you’re ready to sleep healthy, look healthy and live healthy, then you’ll love the Pillow of Health®; an innovative, premium quality adjustable pillow that has a zipper […]

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The TEST, Don’t GUESS Sweepstakes

The TEST, Don’t GUESS Sweepstakes!

We need it to survive. Our bodies are comprised of 70 percent of it and our brains 85 percent. We (hopefully) drink eight glasses of it a day. It is our elixir for optimal health, well-being and hydration. It is… Water. But, what happens when the water you ingest daily is loaded with cancer causing chemicals, heavy metals like lead […]

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Protect Your House from Pests Naturally…for FREE!

Protect Your House from Pests Naturally…for FREE!

No one likes pests, especially moths, spiders and rodents. What if we told you you could eliminate these from your home without messy solutions, inhumane treatments or toxic pesticides? What if we offered this solution to you…for FREE? No, your eyes are not playing trick on your and no, this is not a gimmick. Our fabulous friends from earthkind® are […]

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