Happy Home, Happy Life

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 Happy Home Happy Life

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My name is Linsi and I’m so excited to be a guest of Ron and Lisa – I adore these two and their passion for a healthy home.  I too am passionate about the home.  In fact, I am obsessed with homes and all that they embody.

I used to call myself an Interior Designer.  I have a degree in it and have practiced design for many years.  But I don’t feel like the term ‘interior design’ really describes what I do; it sounds too formal, too focused on keeping up with the Joneses.  It sounds expensive, exclusive to those who are wealthy or have saved up for a remodel.

Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful things as much as anyone.  I oggle over fancy light fixtures and I’ll be the first to say I’m literally addicted to Pinterest.  I just think that this exclusive notion of interior design is what hold people back from reworking spaces that just don’t work.

I believe that the design of your home should celebrate the lifestyle that you live right now…not what you’ll have someday when _______ (the kids are older, we have more money, etc.).

Home is where the best moments in life happen – where you begin and end each day, build relationships with friends and family, nurture who you are and expand into who you want to become.

When you understand the importance that your home plays in your life, it becomes very clear that you can’t expect to have the quality of life that you want if you’re not willing to put the effort into making your home wonderful.

Much like taking that first small step towards health – going to the gym, cutting back on sugar, getting a good nights sleep – I’d like you to think of designing your living spaces in simple steps that will inspire and motivate you to keep making the changes that will support and celebrate your lifestyle.

Whether its getting organized, freshening up a boring/dated space, or starting from scratch on a budget, declaring your intention to love your home is the first step!  I promise, it’s easier than you think and totally worth it.  If you need some help, check out my free E-Guide Trade Secrets: the Happy Home Makeover.

And, if you’re local to Southern California, stop by this year’s ASID Dream Home showcase in Costa Mesa.  Ron and Lisa will be speaking on Saturday, March 24th and you’ll find lots of eye candy inspiration for your own perfect pad.

Linsi is a Home Stylist and design therapist on a mission to re-ignite your passion for your home.  She helps clients all over the world through virtual and in-home design, with a focus of reworking what’s already there and making small changes with big impact.  She is also the editor of the lifestyle blog inspired design daily .


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