The Healthy Home Dream Team Teaches You How to Live Healthier on HSN!

by Ron & Lisa Beres on June 28, 2017 · 0 comments

The Healthy Home Dream Team Teaches You How to Live Healthier on HSN!

We recently appeared on the Home Shopping Network’s, Connected Life show, with host, Brett Chuckerman. Here’s a sneak peek of the show and an introduction to us, in case you’re here for the first time! You’ll learn what we do, and how Lisa got very ill from exposure to toxins in her newly remodeled home. Find out why that ‘new home smell’ isn’t so sweet! Watch now:

Nontoxic Cleaning Product Recipes for Glass, Tubs & Toilets and Air Freshener

If you’re tired of paying too much for cleaners that don’t work or are loaded with synthetic fragrances, petroleum derived ingredients, hormone disrupting preservatives or caustics, then you will love these safe, simple and affordable recipes that you can make today! Just head to your kitchen and grab these ingredients – you likely already have them at home. Get ready to scrub, spray and scour…and breathe easier with our do-it-yourself cleaning recipes! Watch now:

Leave that Dreaded DUST at the Door

Did you know the average home collect a whopping 40 pounds of dust…every year? In this video, we’ll show you how to defeat dust with our four-step technique. Keep dust, that’s loaded with both biological contaminants (including allergens), as well as chemical toxins (including flame retardants) at the door where they belong. Learn how to protect yourself, your family – and even your pets! Watch now:

How to Create Healthy Indoor Air

It goes without saying, there is a plethora of things we can do right away to eliminate toxins from our home environment and improve our health. Here are just a few – starting with indoor air quality. Find out what 41 percent of you aren’t doing…but should be! Watch now:

5 Essential Secrets

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