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Phone Consultation & Home Environmental Inspection

Is Your Home Making You Sick?
Are you or someone in your family suffering health problems because your home isn’t healthy?

Perhaps your home has sick building syndrome, toxic mold, high EMR (electromagnetic radiation) – or maybe it is off-gassing high amounts of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Maybe your home has other issues which are making you or your family ill.

You could be suffering health problems from headaches, allergies, eczema and other skin disorders, asthma and other respiratory problems, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, loss of co-ordination, liver damage, suppressed immune system, parasites and/or other diseases. Many of the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis are carcinogens and can have both acute and long term health affects. There can also be significant stress and anxiety in dealing not only with health problems but also with trying to fix the house’s problems.

Did You Know?

  • According to the EPA research, on average, the air inside our “Nests” typically contains levels of pollutants 2-5 times higher than the air outside and in extreme cases can be 100 times more contaminated.
  • The average American spends about 90% of their time inside.
  • The EPA ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.
  • The materials used to build and furnish our homes contain a variety of synthetic materials from carpets, paint and foam cushions to insulation and chemically treated pressed wood products. These products, contain VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), which outgas into the air you breathe!
  • The indoor air in the typical American home contains over 500 chemicals.
  • Over 22 million Americans suffer from asthma and millions more have regularly occurring allergies (American Lung Assoc.)
  • Since the 1980s, asthma rates have doubled and even quadrupled in some areas of the country

The Average Person:

  • Uses 12 toiletries each day
  • Is exposed to 175 chemicals (through the personal care products they use) everyday
  • Absorbs 60 percent of the products they apply to their skin each day
  • Absorbs 5 pounds of toxic chemicals from personal care products each year

Home Phone Consultation Services*

  • Eco-Friendly and sustainable recommendations on selected home building materials, interior finishes, furnishings & bedding, flooring, water treatment solutions, furniture, air quality solutions, cleaning products, cabinetry and additional miscellaneous products for the home
  • Facilitation of eco-friendly and sustainable recommended home retail purchases
  • Inclusion of Home Consolation verbal & written interview for evaluation
  • Assess client’s home testing needs including indoor air quality and water quality and provide specific recommendations
  • Written report explaining each element with specific recommendations for issues identified

In Home Environmental Inspection & Assessment**
An in-home inspection and assessment of your home’s health can be priced based on your individual needs and can include, but not limited to, inspection and assessment of:

  • Moisture problems
  • Heating/air conditioning system
  • Gas appliances and piping for leaks
  • Air particulate + VOC level testing
  • Household cleaning products for potential health effects
  • Radioactive building materials
  • EMF (electromagnetic field) risk assessment.
  • Room furnishings and bedding
  • Biological contaminants – molds, mildew, others as indicated

If you are concerned that your home or office environment could by causing you and/or your family members health issues, then don’t delay… there IS something you can do about it. Order your Full Home or Office Environmental Assessment & Inspection and let Ron and Lisa assist you in creating healthy indoor environment for you and your loved ones TODAY!

To schedule your phone consultation or in-home inspection, please send an us an email.

* Phone consultations can be arranged on an hourly basis, plus testing fees.
** Out of state testing is available and is subject to additional travel expenses.

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