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Testimonials for Ron & Lisa Beres

"WOW – I don’t know where to start! Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it. With that said, I want you both to know I am filled with gratitude for coming to The Women’s Conference and for making it such a huge success… I truly appreciate you taking the time to share ideas inspired by Green Nest which address the important issues of making this world ‘greener’ one step at a time. You made each and every person who attended The Women’s Conference feel so empowered to BE WHO THEY ARE through sharing your experience, your wisdom and simply by sharing your time. And for that, I will be forever grateful.”

Maria Shriver, First Lady of California

“The zero and low VOC paints that we got from Green Nest to paint Max’s nursery were FABULOUS!! We couldn’t smell any fumes and that put my mind at ease that we weren’t bombarding his immature system with harmful chemicals. We’ve been traveling a lot lately, and when Max is with us, we usually arrange for our hotel to provide a crib for our room. Each hotel that we have stayed at provided crib sheets, but none have been organic. Luckily, on every trip, we pack the crib sheet we got from Green Nest and can sleep easier knowing that his skin isn’t absorbing any nasty pesticides that are typically used on cotton.”

Trista Sutter, (ABC’s The Bachelor)

“Author Lisa Beres has spun a lighthearted and whimsical tale out of a serious message: our over-dependence upon chemicals in today’s society . Through beautiful illustrations and conscientious writing, the reader is presented with deep lessons through a cautionary journey between the Body and his House, that both adults and children will enjoy! I would recommend this book to anyone concerned about their health, their children’s well being and the future of our planet.”

Sally Jessy Raphael |

“Not only do I love Ron and Lisa for having a good enough sense of humor to appear on my show, and even though they turned down my offer for a threesome, they are the reason I started going green.

All their products make it easier to take that first step in doing your part to help create a safer environment and and a safer home.”

Chelsea Handler – Comedian
(The Chelsea Lately Show)

“Lisa & Ron: Thank you so much for the fabulous “Creating a Healthy Home” CD that you gave to our speakers. You truly went above and beyond! Your CD will be a lasting reminder of the conference as well as the importance of our environment and good health! You are wonderful and amazingly generous. Thank you again for everything and especially for your support of The Women’s Conference.”

Maria Shriver, First Lady of California

“ "I can unequivocally recommend Just Green It!. It is a treasure of practical information. There are many tips on alternative inexpensive green choices for many things. This book has the help you been looking for."


Doris J. Rapp MD and author of
Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call

“Can I tell you I am in LOVE with my shower head!!! Oh Lisa, my hair and skin have never felt better ever! It’s like I have a new head of hair! Thank you guys so much! Every day when I wake up I’m actually excited to jump in my new green shower–I’ve changed to non-toxic shampoo/conditioner, soap and face wash too–it’s such a wonderful change and I feel so good about it, literally and figuratively!”

Bonnie B.

“We love the Durostain walnut and have used it on all our bathroom cabinets. Also, the Dynoseal is a miraculous product. Having gone through hot-mopping a shower last year, which filled the house with unbearably strong fumes for about 48 hours, we almost went to a hotel and slept with every window open, I can’t believe that people have to go through that. Everyone should find the Dynoseal product and I have been recommending it to friends.”

Amanda H. S.

“You saved my mom while we were on our trip. We made everything easy on her, so she’d only need to check on our cats every few days – self-feeder & waterer, huge litter box, etc. Little did we know as it rained when we left, a huge amount of ants needed a new home!! We cleaned house so we thought we were safe. Ingrid came by to find them everywhere – in every room! ‘Battle’ puffer bottle to the rescue! She found that stuff and squirted it everywhere, so that by the time we got back there were lots of dead bodies and only a few trails. YIKES!! What would she have done w/out that stuff?”

Nicole V.


“I love the air purifiers and can’t wait to buy more.”

Jaymie S.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful air purifier by Austin Air. It is much larger than I expected and will be a real help to keep our living area breathable. Quite often we get smoke from the fires in California and it just lingers in the valley where we live. My daughter has asthma and the air purifier will be a welcome relief for her. Thank you again for your generous gift.”

Lorann F. (Minden, NV) Summer Breeze Sweepstakes Winner 2008

“I am so glad I found Green Nest. What a great resource. And thank you for being so personally helpful. I will share your info with other green friends of mine and sure I’ll be back for more after the babies arrive.”

Sarah L.

“Thank you so much, Lisa! You have been extremely helpful to me & my project.”

Andrea B.

“Because of the diagnosis of asthma in my niece, my sister was given one of your Austin Air purifiers. It has made a tremendous difference in Kelsey’s life.”

Erin H.

“Our amazing bed topper came today. Wow…it is incredible! We put it on right away and had to jump in. My girlfriend says she feels like she’s sleeping on a cloud. Our wool topper is the most amazing thing we’ve ever slept on!!! We feel so rested when we wake up…Namaste,”

Chris R.

“How fortunate for some children to have the love and attention from great parents like Trista and Ryan! Great Job guys! Even though we’ve all heard the many messages of concern, for today’s environment issues, “…save the trees, save the earth…” we haven’t heard enough about, saving our babies from their homes! Maybe we all need to visit that thought of Healthy Home and check out our own water and air qualities that surround us within our home. It does appear, by Greennest standards, that we can make life safer for ourselves and others by no longer purchasing just any product for cleaning and wear. Great food for thought. A good place to start thinking healthy should obviously be in the home. How easy is that? To become more aware of our surroundings, is the new message, thanks to some people like Lisa Beres. Its companies like Greennest that I love. They work to promote and educate us all. Thank you!!”

Therese B.

“Thank you so much Lisa. This really does say a lot about this Company. Now that’s what I call customer service! Thanks again.”

Brenda C.

“Thank you very much for your prompt help with this-your customer service has gone a long way in making me permanent customer-thanks again.”

Bill C.

“Reagan loves the sling and so do I! Whenever she gets fussy I put her in it and it calms her down right away. She usually falls asleep in it.”

Chris B.


John S.

“I was listening to your program Saturday morning on the radio. WHAT A “BREATH OF FRESH AIR.” I have severe severe MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). It was so great to hear your heads up reality to the toxins that are killing us or, in my case, severely devastating my life. I am such a severe universal reactor that I can not use most of the products that would help eliminate toxins because I am so reactive to new plastics, (HEPA, filtering etc.) I live with just a mattress in a safe room. I have 3 shredded items of clothing because I haven’t been able to tolerate any fabrics…organic or not. I’ve tried corn Ingeo, soy, hemp, organic cotton, linen, silk, wool, you name it I’ve tried it. Washing items is particularly problematic because I am so reactive to water. I’ve tried over 50 kinds of water. I go to a distillery just to get water to drink. My life is painfully difficult and it’s all due to CHEMICALS!!!! I moved into a new home (sick building syndrome) and wi thin 2 years I was sooo sick, I was very close to death. I struggle every day just to navigate around chemicals that invade and permeate our environment. My point is: Thank you for GREENNEST and making people aware of the devastation chemicals can wreak on our bodies.”

Sherri S.

“We have made a green choice in our home by removing the carpeting in the bedroom and living room and replacing with tile. I love it! It seems so much cleaner. It is amazing all the dust bunnies you can retrieve which used to live in the carpet – ick. This summer I want to install a couple of your shower water filters, one small step at a time. I continue to use your Green Nest cleaner and love it. That’s my green update, other than we drank a green margarita on St Patrick’s Day!”

Nancy G.

“I received your book and I am impressed. My daughter absolutely loves it. Wonderful writing and message. The illustration and publishing is top shelf. Thank you so much.”

Mike A.

“A few days ago our 3 year-old son Kurt, while taking a potty break from the Garden, picked up your book My Body My House which has a home at the Tree of Life. I’ve read the book with our children just twice now. It’s simply amazing, real, thought-provoking, refreshing…everything. I am so grateful you have gifted this to the planet!”


“The site looks fantastic. Very impressed. I will tell all of my friends to check this site first for their health products. Best of luck!”

Jason T.


“Finally received the wool mattress topper….HEAVEN!”

Ms. S.

“I just received my Austin Air cleaner. I wanted to thank you for the free shipping, as it helped me be able to make this purchase for our baby. He was a preemie and I have waited so long to get this! I hope to make more purchases in the future. Thank you again!”

Chris M.

“What great Advice by Lisa Beres, founder of Greennest, and how beautiful was that baby’s room that Trista and Ryan did for her little boy! Wise beyond words I must say. To design the room not only for it’s beauty and style (and she did do that), but with real concern for Healthy living for her baby as well. I would hope more people will follow her direction and learn from those who teach Green Healthy living, from the inside out. Thank you Lisa of and House to Home!! What a great article.”

Lorena B.

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