He Said, She Said, Part II: Our Raw Food Detox – Days 5-7

by Ron & Lisa Beres on April 18, 2011 · 1 comment


Ready for the rest of our Q&A on implementing a Raw Food Detox with Chris, mother of a four-year-old and self-admitted convenience food abuser at MamaBirdsBlog.com? If you, like Chris have never attempted a vegetarian, vegan or raw food lifestyle, you may discover you also have some common misconceptions about raw food that could be preventing you from eating a better, more well balanced diet. If you missed Part I, read it here.

Chris: Will I negate everything the diet is doing for me if I cheat?

Lisa: No! It is like going to the gym.  If you only go once a week, it’s better than not going at all.  You still increase your heart rate, sweat out toxins and burn some calories.  Of course, the more you go, the more you benefit from a good thing.  The same applies to food and healthy home choices!

Ron: No. In fact, prior to doing the 14 Day cleanse, I noticed a difference by just implementing raw food into portions of my daily diet.  My energy level was high and I achieved a level of clarity that I have never experienced before.  I believe raw food is how Mother Nature intended for us to eat our food.

Chris: Are there meals especially for kids that my pick-eater, four-year-old would like?

Lisa: Yes, I do know that Chef Jenny has a young boy who also eats raw food.  Her cookbook has DIY recipes including juices, smoothies, veggie pastas, nachos & quesadillas; not to mention a plethora of out-of-this-world desserts that any kid would drool over such as ice-cream sandwiches!

Ron: Well, I am a kid at heart.  I have to say that with the breakfast choices and deserts your kids will notice little, to no difference in taste and enjoyment. It might be initially challenging to switch a child to change their current SAD eating habits of Chicken McNuggets and macaroni & cheese for dinner, but they will reap the benefits in the long run. It is well worth the effort and they will thank you later!



Chris: What is the #1 benefit?

Lisa: Energy, energy and more energy!  Additionally, you will appreciate more clarity of thought and a clear complexion!

Ron: The number one benefit is ENERGY, with clarity & weight loss coming in second and third places, respectively.  I suggest to everyone that they at least implement a partial lifestyle that includes raw food.  The enzymes that the food provides, free your body of the burden to digest food and allow you to utilize your own energy for more important things.  It is truly magical how it makes you feel. In regards to weight, when I met Lisa, I was at my highest weight of close to 200 lbs!  After switching to a vegetarian lifestyle, I easily shed over 10 lbs.  For about the next 9 years, I had maintained a comfortably fit 185 pounds, however, I never seemed to be able to break the barrier of 180 lbs even with difficult detoxes and cleanses.  Now, however, I weight a comfortable 173lbs (my lowest weight ever) without the feeling of having sacrificed anything.  I indulge in decadent, albeit raw food, desert every night!

What questions do you have about implementing a Raw Food diet, and are you ready to give it try?

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